Secured vs. Unsecured Personal Loans: Making the Right Choice

There are quite a few big differences between secured and unsecured loans that you will need to know about before deciding which one you should get. The type of loan you choose is very important, so you should do your research before making a final decision. Both of these types of loans have a lot to offer, but you will have to get the necessary information before making a choice. The more you understand about these loans, the easier it will be to make the right choice.

What Are Secured Loans?

Secured loans are backed by some sort of property that acts as collateral. If it is a car loan, the collateral is the car. If it is a home loan, it is the house/property. One of the reasons why these personal loans are so great is because they don’t typically require great credit. You will, however, be risking your property because it is the collateral for the loan. If you default on the loan for any reason, your property will be kept by the lender. The lender temporarily takes ownership of your property until the loan is paid off in full.


You will find that mortgages are just one example of secured loans, and you will need to get approved for one if you want to finance a house. Getting a mortgage can be a bit tricky for some people whose finances aren’t in order, so you will have to take a long hard look at yours before applying. People with bad credit can still get a mortgage, but their interest rates are much higher. Banks and credit unions are typically the ones that give out mortgage, though some private lenders might offer this option.

Car Loan

If you want to get a new car because the one you have no longer works, you will have to apply for a secured car loan. The car itself is used as the collateral to secure the loan, so it is taken by the lender if you fail to keep making your regular monthly payments. You can get car loans through banks, credit unions, private lenders, and even car dealerships. It is recommended that you go through a bank or credit union for your loan if you can, as they tend to offer the best interest rates.

What Are Unsecured Loans?

An unsecured loan doesn’t involve any collateral, but it can be somewhat difficult to get unless you have good credit. Most lenders are fairly strict when it comes to their standards for applicants. These loans are typically given out in smaller amounts, but the interest rates tend to be fairly low. If you are interested in getting an unsecured loan, it’s important that you take a look at your credit report first.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a form of unsecured loans, and they can be useful for many reasons. Every time you use a credit card to purchase something, you are essentially taking out a loan. You will be required to make a minimum payment on your card by a certain date. The minimum payment you must make will most likely be a percentage of whatever account balance is.

As long as you use your credit cards responsibly, you can improve and maintain your credit score. It’s never a good idea to have too many cards at once though. You will always want to make certain that you are able to take care of your credit card balance by the due date, because otherwise you will likely fall into a pit of debt that is difficult to get out of. Millions of people in the UK struggle with credit card debt, so you will need to remember this always.

Student Loans

A student loan is also an unsecured loan, and it is given to those who want to go to college but need help financially. You won’t need to start paying back these loans until you have finished your education. Those who stop going to school at any point will be required to begin making payments on their debt though. Student loans can be an excellent way to get your degree without having to work your way through college so you can focus on doing well as a student.

Choosing a Lender

Whether you plan on getting a secured or unsecured loan, it is essential that you choose a lender who is legitimate. There are a number of things to look for when trying to find the right lender for your loan, including what kind of reputation they have. You should spend at least some time finding out what other people have to say about different lenders until you are able to choose the right one to borrow from. Take the time to find out what kinds of terms each lender can offer you for your loan as well.

Applying for your Loan

A lot of lenders offer online applications, so the whole process of getting the loan you need is easier than ever before. Make sure that you put accurate information in when filling out your application, because failing to do so will only get you rejected. The process of getting most loans is fairly quick and painless, but homes loans are a bit different. If you need to get a home loan, you should expect to fill out a lot of paperwork before you get your money.

Which Borrowing Option is Right for You?

The type of loan you should apply for will largely depend on what you need as well as what your credit is like. Those who have a very low credit rating probably won’t want to bother applying for an unsecured loan, though it’s still possible to get approved. Take all the time you need to explore each of these borrowing options in depth so you can make the right choice. The loan you choose will be crucial for a number of reasons, so don’t rush into a decision.